About us

The JKP “ŠĆONA” has been founded in 1966 as a legal succession company of public utility company “Fojnica”. During its public works it is developed into public services of the Fojnica town. The company has organized building construction department beside its main water-supply and public hygiene of the town. It has been used “Šćona”- capping - water source supply from 1912 and it is developed into town water plumbing network. Today we use “Bježanija” and “Požarna” water source supplies.Main office of the company KZP “Šćona” is in Fojnca town, address Hadrovići 15, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Resent book value (ground, buildings, equipments)  6.460.442,00 KM

Net capital 3.410.268,00 KM